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Sesame Database Manager is compatible with Symantec Q&A. Q & A users will find that Sesame uses many of the same keystrokes, the same search syntax, and almost the same programming syntax as used in a Q&A database. Sesame can also translate Q&A databases. Find out more.

Inside Sesame - The Monthly Newsletter for Sesame Database Manager
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The Quick Answer Back Issue Library

Q&A database newsletterFor over a decade, The Quick Answer monthly newsletter was the place to go for information, tips and tricks regarding the Symantec Q&A database. Novices and experts alike could always find something of value month after month after month.

Now, thanks to Marble Publications, issues of this valuable Q&A database resource dating back to 1995 are available in PDF format.

Note: Marble Publications now publishes Inside Sesame, the monthly newsletter for Sesame Database Manager. If you like The Quick Answer, you'll love Inside Sesame!
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By the way, this Issue Index page showing over 1200 article titles from 107 issues was produced in under three seconds by running a Mass Update on a Sesame database created by translating the Q&A Quick Answer Index database.

January 1995

  • Automate Your Check Writing and Printing
  • Calculate Future Dates
  • Matching Values Between Databases with @NUM
  • Any Comments?
  • Work Around Field Naming Restrictions
  • Calculate a Discount
  • Make Custom Menus More Reliable
  • Use Real Tabs to Align Merge Document Columns
  • Who Has a Birthday this Month?
  • How to Restrict a Field Entry's Length
  • Dedicated Key Field Not Needed for XLookups
  • Search for Irregular Values
  • Every Inch Counts
  • Conditional JOIN
  • Use Caution with the @ADD Context Function
  • Handle QABACKUP Restore Failures

February 1995

  • Print Labels One at a Time on Your Laser Printer
  • Retrieve Records Where Two Address Fields Differ
  • Search and Replace Fonts
  • My Fonts Aren't Printing
  • Create a Database to Automate Address Printing
  • Repeat Duplicate Values in Reports
  • More on Physically Sorting a Database
  • Tweak Macro Files to Run 'Impossible' Procedures
  • Master Data-Entry Form Layout
  • Position Fields Precisely
  • Simplify and Reduce Programming with Indirection

March 1995

  • Q&A for DOS Font Solutions and Your Laser Printer
  • Create a Custom Investment Tracker
  • Get More Font Power
  • Perform Conditional XLookups
  • No Password Protection for Documents
  • Find Records with Two Matching Values
  • Date and Time Stamp Your Reports
  • Design a Time Performance Report
  • Protect Fields from Changes

April 1995

  • Follow the Dotted Line to Improved Report Layouts
  • Save Time When Updating Related Records
  • Drawing Straight Lines
  • Suppress Report Columns
  • Search for Non-Dates in Date Fields
  • Print One Page of a Lengthy Report
  • Fix Blank Lines in Address Blocks
  • Solve XLookup Problem
  • Converting Documents to WordPerfect
  • Automate Cursor Navigation
  • See Your Forms for a Change
  • Create an Employee Scheduling System
  • Print a Q&A for DOS Screen in Windows
  • Get Better Screen Prints
  • Cut and Paste with the Mouse
  • Lengthen, Shorten, or Expand a Field
  • Add a 'Secret' Field to Your Form

May 1995

  • Create and Print Invoices with Unlimited Line Items
  • Improve Search Performance
  • Fix Label Wrap Problem
  • Use If-Then Logic with XLOOKUPS
  • Fix Broken Line Draw Boxes
  • Multiple Top Margins
  • Double-Sided Printing
  • Mail Merge Program Not Executing
  • Moving to Q&A for Windows
  • Run a Report and Return to the Same Record
  • Change Text Attributes
  • Determine Future Dates
  • Use Up Your Label Sheets

June 1995

  • Loops, Arrays, and Bubble Sorting
  • Sort Reports by Derived Values
  • Combine Fields on a New Line
  • Subtotal Time Values
  • Control Your Alternate Programs
  • Change Your Default Font in Q&A Write
  • Avoid Risk to Your Macro File
  • Better Envelope Printing
  • Easy-to-Use Utilities Make Your Mail Look Better

July 1995

  • Create a Documents Catalog
  • Fix Mysterious Corruption
  • Check for Overdue Accounts
  • Delete Q&A Write Files
  • Update Imported Records
  • Create a Default Return Address
  • Maintain Accurate History Records
  • Print Your Data in Professional Looking Forms
  • A Clipboard for Q&A for DOS
  • Use Post to Maintain Transaction Histories
  • Using XLookups with Multiple Search Criteria
  • Separate Date Components
  • Create a Price Analysis Calculator
  • Quick Delete During Data Entry
  • Add Comments to Your Macro Files

August 1995

  • Q&A 5.0 for DOS - A Little Late, But Not Too Little
  • Organize Your Report and Macro Lists
  • Mark Modified Records
  • Network Printing Problems
  • Use the Same Database in DOS and Windows
  • Save Merge Specs
  • Creeping Envelope Solutions

September 1995

  • Useful Tricks with Posted Text
  • Posting in Q&A for Windows?
  • Using Documents in Databases
  • The Secrets of Running Q&A for DOS in Windows
  • Mark Records for Previous or Following Month
  • Simple Programs Speed Data Entry
  • Make Macros Work Universally
  • Conditionally Calculate a Running Total
  • Speedy Retrieval Paradox
  • Swapping Macro Files
  • Highlight Negative Numbers
  • Spell Check Database Records
  • Print Merge Documents with Info from Multiple Databases

October 1995

  • Database Copying Made Easier
  • Use the Navigation Spec to Boost Program Functionality
  • Enhance Posting & Mass Updates with Program Options
  • Create a Field Navigation Menu
  • Building Multiple Database Applications
  • Troubleshoot and Modify Databases Faster with DTFSPECS
  • Honey, Where's My Underline?
  • Alternate F11 and F12 Clipboard Keys
  • How to Check for Lengthy Names
  • Manage Documents with a Database
  • Convert Money Values to Text
  • Storing Pictures: What'll It Cost You

November 1995

  • Ditto Your Data During Search/Updates
  • Lookup & Display Information from Multiple Records
  • Easier Multiple Date Searches
  • Division Error Unearthed in Q&A 4.0
  • (Too) Many Unhappy Returns
  • Taking Yes and No Beyond 'Yes' or 'No'
  • How to Print 1099 and W2 Forms
  • When Speedy-Unique Fields Get in the Way
  • Auto-Jump to a Document
  • Versatile Pick-Lists That Respond to User Preferences

December 1995

  • How to Get Faster, More Accurate Data Entry
  • Create and Update Your Pick-Lists in Write
  • Print Group Subtotals in a Separate Column
  • Simpler Birthdate Program
  • Faster Program Spec Saves in DOS
  • The Case of the Missing @Msg
  • The Case of the Disappearing Data
  • Invalid Programming Messages
  • Force a Selected Entry
  • Removing Leftover Files
  • Quickly Find Files in DOS
  • @MOD in Action
  • Handier than the Average Macro Hot Key
  • Make the @Macro the Last Command
  • Create Reports with Graphic Lines and Boxes

January 1996

  • How to Merge Your Databases
  • XUserselect Case Sensitivity Caveat
  • Copy a Field's Value to User Later
  • Calculate Elapsed Days Sans the Weekends
  • Fix Creeping Envelope Addresses
  • Macro-Driven Report Problem Solved
  • Streamline Tasks with Custom Windows-like Gadgets
  • Handy Record Tagging/Untagging
  • Go for the GOSUBs
  • Convert Text Values to Money Format

February 1996

  • All About Columnar Report Global Options
  • Update Your Personal Dictionary
  • Early Field Reports on Q&A 5.0
  • Early Field Reports on Q&A 5.0
  • Sure-Fire Wholesale Retrieves
  • The Q&A Program that Catches Programming Errors
  • WYSIWYG Word Processing
  • Return the Last Word in a Field
  • Create Directories on the Fly
  • XLookupR and Data Encoding Tricks
  • More on Quick-Edit Pick-Lists
  • Create a More Versatile Program Launcher

March 1996

  • How to Merge-Print Your Bitmap Files
  • Magic with Gosubs and Batch Posting
  • Create a Userselect 'Special Action' Menu
  • Type Checking in Q&A: Good, Bad, or Ugly?
  • Another Date Bug Side Effect
  • Date Bug Can Be Double Trouble
  • Automatically Create Records to Post To
  • Heads Down Data Entry Alert
  • Q&A 5.0 and a RAM Drive
  • Trouble Starting Q&A 5.0
  • Unsightly Start-Up Screen
  • Make @Fn Compatible with XUserselect
  • Make @Askuser Box Default to YES
  • Create Shaded Text Boxes - And More
  • Set Auto-Insert Mode for Data Entry
  • Welcomed @Fedit Quirk
  • Which Icon Does What?
  • Make Your Mouse Do Tricks

April 1996

  • Create a Scrollable History Field
  • 1995 Quick Answer Monthly Index by Title
  • Don't Run DEFRAG via @Shell
  • Complex Report Calculations? Let the Database Do It
  • When One Record Won't Merge Print
  • Q&A 5.0 Mail Merge Bug Uncovered
  • External Programs or Alternate Programs
  • Where's the Rest of My Screen?
  • Single-Key Pick-List Control
  • Print Ordinal Dates in Mail Merge Documents
  • Easy-to-Manage, Easy-to-Use Pick-Lists
  • Conditionally Suppress Report Calculations
  • Single Keystroke or Mouse Click Picklist
  • Manage Custom Pick-Lists on a Network

May 1996

  • Fast Hot-Key Searches Across Fields
  • Avoid 'Comma' Bug in Merge Documents
  • Modify and Combine Font Files
  • Calculate the Percentage per Customer
  • Conditional Addresses
  • Documents Too Spacey
  • Pass the Parameters, Please
  • Getting the Stuff Out
  • Create an Automatic Phone Dialer
  • Auto-Increase/Decrease Your Fields
  • Create a Custom Macro Set for Each Database

June 1996

  • Who Needs Custom Menus?
  • Personal Startup Switch and Macro File
  • Pop-Up Selection Lists and Large Databases
  • Count Your Blessings (and Your Parentheses)
  • Problem Opening Large Documents
  • Rounding Report Columns
  • Choose Your Phone Number to Auto-Dial
  • Put On-Record-Exit Programming to Work
  • Enter Fractions or Decimals
  • Strung Out on @Instr
  • Indent Subtotal and Subcount Labels for Report Clarity
  • (Conceivably) Useful Date Calculations
  • Make Your Macros Loop the Loop

July 1996

  • Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
  • Optimizing Search and Retrieval Speed
  • Create a Canned Upcoming Birthday Report
  • Stage Left - On Record Exit Programming
  • Add a Quick Address Block Maker to Your Database
  • Create a Q&A Interface for DTFSPECS
  • Create Totals on the Fly
  • Can Line Draw and Merge Fields Co-Exist?
  • Aligning Merge Fields in Q&A for Windows
  • Mysterious '500N' on Main menu

August 1996

  • Faster Retrieves for Variable Date Ranges
  • More Windows-Like Gadgets
  • All about Speedy Fields
  • Improving Your Screens
  • Print Multiple Fields in One Column
  • Fix Label Creep on A4 Paper
  • Getting Check Amount Subtotals
  • Play That Tune
  • Develop a Programming Style
  • Useful Tricks with @Askuser and @Msgbox
  • Counting Your Blessings II

September 1996

  • Mass Update and Batch Post in a Multiuser Environment
  • Is Something Missing from Your Pick-Lists?
  • Auto Pop-up Selection Lists
  • Debugging Navigation Programming
  • Upcoming Birthday Report Revisited
  • Mysterious '500N' Not So Harmless
  • Referencing Q&A's Reference Function
  • Q&A 5.0 and Windows 95
  • How to Save Money on Mass Mailings

October 1996

  • Merging Data with Complex Forms - A Case Study
  • Defrag Information
  • Calculate Miles Per Gallon
  • What to Do with Error #06A8
  • Managing Memory Under Windows 95
  • CHome and GoTo Differences
  • Incomplete On-Screen Help
  • XPost Your Data - Post Haste
  • Available Function Keys for Macros
  • Separate a Combined City, State, and Zip Field
  • Report Retrieve Spec Glitch Finally Solved
  • Who Are You, Anyway?

November 1996

  • Create a Power Clipboard
  • A Remedy for a Q&A 5.0 Lookup Glitch
  • Q&A Dates and the 21st Century
  • Now What was That Field Name?
  • Play the Percentages
  • Make Install Printer Screen Inaccessible
  • Print 1099 Forms the Easy Way
  • Got Enough Room to Copy That Database?
  • Get Faster XLookups Using a Q&A Quirk
  • Easy Postal Barcoding for Your Labels and Envelopes
  • A Handy Program Debugging Tool
  • Custom Sorts with Subtotals
  • Zero-Fill Leading Spaces in a Character Field
  • Sort Numerically on a Text Field
  • Launch Windows Programs from Q&A
  • More Yet on that Mysterious '500N'

December 1996

  • The No-Overhead Way to Fax from Q&A
  • Large Hard Disks and Q&A
  • Tweaking Keyword Reports for the Output You Need
  • Changing Column Layouts
  • Another Look at Random Selection
  • Reports that Show Only the Latest or Earliest Whatevers
  • When Modifying a Database Creates Problems in Others
  • Undocumented Clipboard Features

January 1997

  • Auto-Print Multiple Labels with Variable Text
  • Surf Your Drive with Q&A 5
  • Finding Earliest and Latest Dates
  • Use Current Date and Time to Generate Incident Numbers
  • Indent a Report Column
  • When @XLookup Draws a Blank
  • Importing an Almost-Fixed ASCII File
  • When Was That Field Changed, and What Was It Before?
  • Which Copy of Q&A are You In?
  • Q&A 4.0 vs. 5.0 Sorting
  • Using QEXTRACT on Corrupted Databases
  • Upgrading 4.0 Databases to Q&A 5.0
  • Two Shapes for Multiline Fields

February 1997

  • Tracking File Folders in the Law Office
  • Squeezing in Additional Help
  • Graphic Images in Forms and Documents
  • Problems Running Q&A for DOS Under Windows 95
  • Using Text and Field Data with the @Askuser Command
  • Use @Color to Attract Attention
  • Selection List Problem
  • How to Create a Duplicate-Record Report
  • Shelling to Windows 95 Programs
  • Updated or Outdated
  • Custom Picklist Sorting
  • Build a Text String a Step at a Time
  • Sorting Large Databases

March 1997

  • Be Colorful
  • Sorry, Bub, That Field is Sacred
  • A Fix for 5.0's Buggy Date Formats
  • Fix Windows 95 Copy/Paste Problem
  • Print Just the Current Record
  • Using Print Offset
  • Spell Check Not Wurking
  • Watch Those Path Lengths
  • Calculate Total Area from Multiple Dimensions
  • Another Faxing Option
  • Q&A Database Extravaganza
  • When PgUp Key Behaves Oddly on Multipage Forms

April 1997

  • Queue and Print Forms On-the-Fly
  • Create Flash Messages
  • Auto-Clear Auto-Filled Fields
  • Pass Two Variables Via the Clipboard
  • Track Failed XPosts With a Posting Error Log
  • Lost Characters During Data Export
  • Find a File Quicker
  • Ran Out of Derived Columns
  • Can't Print Programming Statements
  • Tightening the Range on a Range Lookup
  • XPost to Text or Keyword Fields Without Overwriting
  • Auto-Fill Keyword Fields with Multiple Entries
  • Lost in the Copies
  • Shelling Out for a Quickie

May 1997

  • Forms Within Forms, Part I
  • Easier Multiple Record Retrieval
  • Halt - Who Goes There?
  • Shortcut Date Entry
  • Postal Barcodes Needed
  • Don't 'Balance' in a Report
  • Print Fields Aligned at Left Margin
  • Transfer WordPerfect Merge File to Q&A
  • Custom Label Codes in Reports
  • Auto-Transfer Selected Records to Archive Files
  • Quick-Search Other Files for Matching Names

June 1997

  • Database Corruption Revisited
  • Conditional Merge Document Insertions
  • Auto-Capitalize Last Names
  • One-Click Spell-Checking for Multiple Fields
  • Add Snap, Crackle 'n Pop to Your System
  • Check for Duplicate Values
  • Adding an @XLookup Value to a Date
  • Corrupted QA.cfg File
  • Getting Totals from a Line-Item Database
  • Forms Within Forms, Part Deux
  • Using Typecast Functions

July 1997

  • Versatile Merge-Faxing
  • When Auto-Recalc Won't
  • Macros - The Missing Link
  • Selection Lists Make Data Entry a Breeze
  • Combining Date Components
  • Fonted Reports Print Bare Bones
  • Special Date Calculation in Report Header
  • Rearranging Derived Columns

August 1997

  • Simplify Code and Subcode Lookups
  • Too Quick for Q&A?
  • Jump-Search that Database
  • More on Variable Report Headers
  • Trapping Your Basic Data Entry Boo-Boos
  • A Database of Macros
  • Timely Payroll Solutions
  • Macros - The Missing Link, Part 2

September 1997

  • Printers, Fonts, and Documents
  • Lock Your Database
  • Producing Overall Averages
  • Converting Text Dates to True Dates
  • Query Guide Can Be Useful
  • Align Objects On Q&A for Windows Forms
  • Cure for 'Spacey' Labels
  • Tracking Condo Usage
  • How Your Database Grows
  • Macros - The Missing Link, Part 3

October 1997

  • Q&A 5 and Win 95 - A Cool Combo, Part 1
  • Does That File Exist?
  • Meet the Userselect Family
  • Mail Merge Memory Problems
  • Mailing Label Labryinth
  • Fonts in Q&A for Windows Reports
  • DAVE Doesn't Do Landscape
  • Use @Select for If-Then-Else
  • Reports from a Multi-Lineitem Database

November 1997

  • Subcategory Picklists - A Different Approach
  • Q&A 5 and Win 95 - A Cool Combo, Part 2
  • Post On-the-Fly to a Text File
  • Flag Non-Zero Balances in a Report
  • Remove a Character from a Field
  • Separating Records Into Groups
  • XLookup the Most Recent Record
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking

December 1997

  • Exporting Data to Windows Programs
  • Enter 21st Century Dates the Easy Way
  • Picklists That Work Like a Retrieve Spec
  • Special Record Numbering
  • Working with Special ASCII Files
  • Printing Days of the Week in Crosstabs
  • Easier Document Updating
  • Automatically Move to the End of a Field
  • Statistical Calculations in Reports
  • Selective Mail Merge Made Easy
  • Workaround for XPost Subtract Glitch
  • Q&A Wish List
  • Printer Drivers, Fonts, and Support
  • Damaged Databases

January 1998

  • Working Outside the Box with @Shell
  • Cheap Insurance for Your Databases
  • Converting money values to Text Equivalents
  • Index Reports Made Easy
  • Access to Documents from a Database Record
  • Checking a Field's Contents from Another Field
  • Customizing Table View Columns
  • Move to the End of a Field's Contents
  • Refine Your Selection Lists
  • Code for Updating Area Codes

February 1998

  • Creating Postable Records On-the-Fly
  • Now We're Cookin'!
  • Tricky Date Calculations
  • Using Your Q&A Data in Word/WinFax Fax Merges
  • Making the Autodialer Work
  • Simplify Record Selection with a Query Builder
  • Ensure Correct Form Navigation
  • Eliminate Report Headings
  • Updating Fields from an ASCII File
  • Needs More Custom Menu Selections
  • Add Custom Instructions to Your Selection Lists
  • Designing a Custom Report Interface, Part 1

March 1998

  • When to Check for Open Databases
  • Toast to a Q&A Pioneer
  • Auto-Copy a Key Value as a Variable
  • Here Comes the Year 2000
  • Q&A Won't Run on New PC
  • At the Turn of the Century
  • How to Restrict Your Picklists
  • Manipulating Lookup Table Data
  • Designing a Custom Report Interface, Part 2
  • When Writing a Macro is Easier
  • No Foreign Keyboard?

April 1998

  • Alternate Ways to Run Q&A
  • The Future of Q&A
  • Use Your Mouse to Enhance Text Faster
  • Utility Brings Q&A & Windows Programs Closer Together
  • WinClip Utility
  • The Dating Game
  • Special Record Retrieval Codes
  • Separating Parts of Names
  • @Number Skipping Numbers
  • Power Glitches Locking Databases
  • Problem Printing Online Edition
  • Q&A and Windows
  • Designing a Custom Report Interface, Part 3
  • Lie to Q&A to Get the Labels You Need
  • Create an Email Address Book

May 1998

  • All About Keyword Fields
  • Birthday Tricks
  • 1998 Bash and Master Seminar
  • Exporting Data to Quicken
  • Q&A 5.0 Date Patch File Missing
  • WinClip - Assembling the Ideal Address Block
  • Use Point & Click Automation to Simplify Complex Tasks
  • No-No Macro Hot-Keys
  • Programming Quirks
  • Q&A Startup Problems on Network

June 1998

  • Scheduling Future Payment Dates
  • Speedy Keyword Fields
  • Masters Seminar and Bash
  • Swap Macro Files the Easy Way
  • Expanded Memory for Q&A 5.0
  • Displaying Military Time
  • Who's Really Older
  • Programming Logic and Sequence
  • Two Utilities Help Busy Database Administrators
  • More Powerful Totals-Only Reports
  • and Windows 95
  • Handy Table Feature

July 1998

  • Monthly Billing Statements in Report
  • Hardly Worth Mentioning?
  • Autonumber Fields
  • If You Don't Have a LaserJet
  • Proportional Fonts in Reports
  • Time and Service Statements
  • Create a Phone Log with an Auto-Dialer
  • Running Concurrent Q&A Sessions
  • Q&A and Windows 98
  • Q&A 5.0 and Novell Networks
  • Magic Windows 95 Speed Up Key
  • Utilities for Database Administrators

August 1998

  • Q&A the Invisible
  • Fast Pentium Fix for Q&A 5.0
  • Merge-Print Invoices & Forms in Windows
  • Q&A 5.0 Slower than 4.0
  • Splitting Whole Names & Addresses
  • No Way Out
  • Gimme Space!
  • Quick Answer Letters

September 1998

  • Speed No Longer Kills
  • Hide Sensitive Reports
  • Switch Custom Menu Systems On-the-Fly
  • Q&A for Windows Add-On Revs Up Multi-Database Apps
  • Imported Dates Not Valid
  • Find the Same Person in Another Database
  • Banking System Y2K Disaster - Not Here!
  • Databases Inexplicably Locked
  • Play it Again Sam...But Slower
  • Adding GUI-Like Features to Q&A
  • Gargantuan Hard Disks
  • WinClip

October 1998

  • Columns Within Columns in Reports
  • Masters Seminar & Bash a Blast
  • Print First Page Only
  • XPosting on Networks
  • Using the Speedfix Patch
  • Product Code Scanning
  • ASCII Export Challenge
  • Custom Menu Misbehaving
  • Quick Answer Focus Series
  • When XUserselect Lists Aren't Enough
  • Auto Display a Screenwide Pick List
  • Automate Keyword Field Data Entry
  • Reclaim Q&A Win Database Space

November 1998

  • Normalize Your Data for Easier Reporting
  • Normalizing for Crosstab Analysis
  • Go 'Normal' from the Get-Go (Normalize your database)
  • Don't Bypass Those Shortcuts!
  • Q&A Screen Changed after Win 98 Upgrade
  • Can't Have Toolbar in Full Screen Mode
  • Write Won't Print the Day of the Week
  • Change Color Schemes On-the-Fly
  • Not Enough Memory - Revisited
  • Gargantuan Hard Disks and PartitionMagic
  • Surf the Web from Q&A
  • Recognize, Repair & Prevent Database Corruption, P1
  • What's a Database Generation?
  • Modernize that Old Printer Driver

December 1998

  • Graphics Printing Comes to Q&A DOS
  • Pass Variables to Second Q&A Copy
  • Tweak Spacing to Merge Print to Forms
  • Summing a String of Numbers
  • Locking Fields After Data Entry
  • Network Security
  • Programming Space Limitation
  • Preventing Macro Damage
  • Recognize, Repair & Prevent Database Corruption, P2
  • Use WinClip to Copy Q&A Docs to the Windows Clipboard
  • Booleans, Numbers, Errors and Workarounds

January 1999

  • Edit Your Picklists On-the-Fly
  • Get Faster Printing
  • Help Ensure Q&A's Future
  • LaserJet 6 'Junk Page' Mystery Solved
  • Get If-Then Action in Report Derived Columns
  • System Errors
  • Linespacing Too Tight
  • Copying Mailing Labels Between PCs
  • XPosting on Networks
  • No Multi-User Version of Q&A
  • More FORMagic Tricks
  • Printing Variable Image Pages with Merged Documents
  • Autoload Your Letterhead with @Shell
  • Budget Bitmap Viewer for Your Database

February 1999

  • All About Field Names
  • Field Not Needed for @Shell
  • Help with HP DeskJet 722C
  • Sorting Dates Spanning the Turn of the Century
  • Programming Space Limitation
  • Back to Q&A from MS Access
  • Solve Network Printing Problem
  • Q&A and Windows NT
  • Fix Damaged Databases
  • Add a Clickable 'Image Map' to Your Database
  • How to Lose Text the Easy Way
  • Ordinal Dates Revisited
  • Creating and Using Arrays

March 1999

  • Handling Multiple Shipping Addresses
  • Y2K Compliance Revisited
  • Keeping a Web Site Up-to-Date with Q&A
  • Bothersome 'File in Use' Message
  • Special Export Date Format
  • @Number on Peer-to-Peer Network
  • Either/Or Record Retrieval Program
  • XLookups Not Working on Peer Network
  • Database Corruption and Generations
  • Q&A and the Y2K Problem
  • Fax from Your Database with WinClip and WinFax

April 1999

  • Record Categories and Pop-Up Pick-Lists
  • Don't Waste that Right Mouse Button
  • LaserJet Junk Page
  • Required Fields and Data Integrity
  • Generic Date Calculations for Month
  • Stamping Modified Records
  • Generate Export Files On-the-Fly
  • Network Database Path Essentials
  • Pick-Lists with Dynamically Changing Default Selections
  • Create an Outlook 98 Email Address Book
  • Keep Your Report Header When Printing to Disk

May 1999

  • Mail Merge Your Q&A Data in MS Word for Windows
  • Publishing Your Q&A Data (or Database) to a Web Site
  • Automate Your Export to Word with a Q&A Macro
  • Averaging Entire Columns in Reports
  • Which Versions of Q&A, if any, are Y2K Compliant?
  • Is there a Windows 95 or 98 version of Q&A?
  • Will Q&A for Windows run in Windows 95 and 98?
  • Will Q&A run on today's fast Pentium PCs?
  • Divide Error Message during Q&A Install
  • Why won't Q&A 5.0 run on my new computer?
  • Differences Between the Various Versions of Q&A
  • Newer Q&A Versions
  • Is Q&A Networkable?
  • What is the Q&A Network Pack?
  • Q&A DOS and Network Printers
  • Q&A for DOS and Windows Interoperability
  • Print Windows Documents with Your Q&A Merge Letters
  • When Print Spooling Helps
  • For Inkjets (and Lasers, too)
  • Date Errors Uncovered in Q&A 4.0 for DOS

June 1999

  • Subdividing a Mature Database - Part 1
  • Some DeskJet Printers are Trouble for Q&A DOS
  • Your Y2K Audit - Use Your Head!
  • Auto-Strip Punctuation from Address Fields
  • Y2K Patch Won't Run in Windowx 3.x
  • Macro Prevents Display Update
  • Q&A and Access Reply
  • Can't Save Program Spec
  • Can't Copy Records When Database Is In Use
  • Shatter Q&A's 64K Program Spec Barrier
  • Make Your Q&A Write Documents Portable

July 1999

  • The Ultimate Application Switcher
  • Toggle Display On and Off in Macros
  • Merge Large Q&A Text Fields with Word Docs
  • Run a Second Copy of Q&A
  • Confusing "Second Copy" Message
  • Using Lesspace with Large Drive Partitions
  • Print Preview Problem in Windows 95/98
  • Disk Drive Door Open Error Message
  • Subdividing a Mature Database - Part 2
  • Improve Your Screen When Running Q&A DOS in a Window
  • Replacing 'That' with 'This'
  • Duplicating Data from the Previous Record
  • Auto-Incrementing Invoice Numbers
  • Q&A Provides the Current Year by Default
  • Skipping Over Unnecessary Fields
  • Splitting an Amount Between Categories

August 1999

  • Ups & Downs - Reporting Changes Over Time
  • A Quick Check for Duplicate Records
  • Windows Font Problem
  • Flashing, Beeping Conditional Messages
  • Removing Password Protection
  • Disabling the Intelligent Assistant
  • Getting Database Field Contents Into Write
  • Can't Print a Graphic in a Write Document
  • Sorting It All Out
  • Save Typing - Auto-Fill Your Fax Number Field
  • Play Windows Sound Files from Your Q&A Databases

September 1999

  • The Smart Way to Link Q&A Data to MS Word
  • Using 'Temp' Specs
  • Control When Your Picklists PopUp
  • Enhancing Crosstab Reports
  • Calculating Profit Percentages in Reports
  • Saving Database Sorts
  • Processing Text File Records

October 1999

  • Programming for Interoperability
  • Quick Delete During Data Updates
  • Indenting Second Report Line
  • Play Sound Files Faster
  • Windows NT Networking and Q&A 5.0
  • Y2K - One More Time
  • Q&A Databases on CD's?
  • Can a RAM Disk Speed Operations?
  • Problems After Changing System and Printer
  • Q&A 'Time Clock' Tracks Everyone's On-the-Job Hours

November 1999

  • Have a Window on Your World with Userselect
  • Y2K Date Formats and Reports 'Too Wide'
  • Line Draw Causes Acrobat PDF Conversion Failure
  • Backup Your Form Design Independently of Your Data
  • How to Program and Use Linked Lists, Part 1
  • Remote Access Servers and Q&A
  • Print Preview Makes Q&A Disappear
  • Q&A Windows Reports Temporary Changes
  • Merge Docs in Q&A for Windows after Upgrading
  • Large Hard Drives and Lesspace
  • Application Programming Tools Manual Index
  • What's Best - @Instr or @Rest
  • Align Your Fields for Easy Clipboard Copying
  • DTFWIN Rises to new Heights

December 1999

  • It's Curtains for QABACKUP
  • Copy Design Only
  • How to Program and Use Linked Lists, Part 2
  • Complex Record Retrieval Criteria for Reports
  • Include Just the "Current Record" in a Report
  • Getting Correct Report Subtotals
  • Repeating Values and Single-Spaced Sorted Reports
  • Converting to Q&A for Windows, Part 1

January 2000

  • Print Your Merge Letters On-the-Fly
  • Good Morning Y2K
  • How to Program and Use Linked Lists, Part 3
  • Not Enough Memory Messages
  • Database Damage Not Y2K Related
  • Q&A for Windows Prints Blank Reports
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Converting to Q&A for Windows, II

February 2000

  • All the 'Alternate Programs' You Could Want
  • XLookup Bug Unearthed in Q&A for Windows
  • Quick-Print Selected Text
  • Y2K Glitch in Reverse (1999 Shows as 2099)
  • Q&A for Windows Messing Up Word
  • Bringing a Balance Forward
  • No Color; No Print-Screen; and Shrunken Screen
  • Can't Print to USB Port
  • Network Pack and Database Access Problems
  • Installing and Configuring Q&A

March 2000

  • Key In Those Keywords - Quick!
  • Prevent Entry of 20th Century Dates
  • Sort in Last Month on Top Order
  • Aspects of a Booking System
  • Easier Date Mass Updates
  • Passing Field Values to a DOS Text File
  • Q&A 4.0 for DOS and Large Hard Drives
  • Multi-User on Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • NT Networks and Q&A
  • Database Form Design Basics
  • A Y2K Bug for Real!

April 2000

  • Using a One-Record Lookup Database and Related Tricks
  • Goodbye to Crashes and Corruption
  • Acrobat Reader 4.0 Improves Viewing, Printing
  • How to Ensure a One-Record Database Stays That Way
  • An Algorithm for Parsing Multi-Value Strings
  • Isolating and Marking Duplicate Records
  • Generate Text Files On-the-Fly for Word Merge
  • The Interminable Large Hard Drive Issue
  • The Interminable Expanded Memory Issue
  • Data Retrieval Basics

May 2000

  • Can Q&A Live on in Windows 2000
  • How to Calculate a Weighted Average
  • Merge-Print From a Database Record
  • HP LaserJet Color 4500 Printer Just Fine
  • Wheel Mouse Support for Q&A for Windows
  • Controlling Field Entries
  • Corruption and Network Busy Messages
  • Problem with Q&A for DOS Docs in Q&A for Windows
  • Sorting Address Fields
  • Incompatibility Among Q&A Windows Versions
  • Ghosts Setting New Passwords
  • Restrictions With a Twist
  • Isolate a Printer Not Printing Problem
  • Build Key Value Pick-Lists Automatically As You Go
  • Make First Report Column Wide Enough When Totaling
  • Can't Get Expanded Memory
  • Can't Get Expanded Memory

June 2000

  • Extend Q&A's Reach with Windows Scripts
  • Tracking Down the Source of Corruption
  • Where to Get Windows Scripting Host
  • Too Many Users?
  • Where'd My Fonts Go?
  • Y2K Crosstab Bug Back Again
  • XPosting vs. Batch Posting
  • Stamp Records with User ID
  • Wide Pick List Needed
  • Avoiding Duplicate Open Work Orders
  • Server Database and Hard Disk Size
  • DTFSPECS for Database Documentation
  • Database Forms as Custom Menu Systems
  • Multiple Q&A Configurations
  • QEXTRACT for Salvaging Data
  • Passing Retrieval Variables Between Files
  • 'If' Statements in Reports
  • ASCII Backups
  • Databases and Subdirectories
  • Q&A Events
  • Q&A and Small Business Needs
  • @Shell, Batch Files and the Working Directory
  • Set Your Network ID
  • Date a Record When Added
  • Shared Databases
  • Recover and Mass Update
  • Pathnames
  • Templates and Reports
  • Reports
  • Print Extra Copies of a Form or Report
  • Crossword Puzzle

July 2000

  • DTFDATA, Indirection, and Other Nifty Tools
  • Changing Sign
  • Keep Developer's Reports Separate
  • No Expanded Memory
  • Locked Programming Exposed
  • Q&A and Server Memory in Windows NT
  • Line Wrap Report Format Needed
  • Q&A Screens in Windows 2000
  • Getting Started with Q&A Reports
  • Crossword Puzzle

August 2000

  • Creating Tab Pages in Q&A for Windows
  • Navigating Multi-Page Databases in Q&A for DOS
  • A Safer Backup Method
  • Can't Copy a Database's Design
  • Protecting Your Network Setup
  • Q&A Win Won't 'Print to Disk'
  • 'Drive Door Open' Error Message
  • Network User IDs Don't Stick
  • Q&A Identifiers
  • Programming Basics, Part 1

September 2000

  • Searching for Something?
  • Y2K - Don't Get Complacent
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Trouble Printing to PDF Format
  • Q&A DOS Not Launch External Programs
  • Report Omits Dates
  • Copy Design and Corruption
  • Moving to Q&A for Windows
  • Disk Drive Door Open Message Revisited
  • Label Printers and Q&A for Windows
  • Programming Basics, Part 2
  • How to 'Stack' Fields in a Report Column

October 2000

  • Simplify Data Entry with Wide DTFTALK Pick-Lists
  • Who Goofed Up This Record
  • Printing Out Your Data, Part 1 - Forms
  • Q&A and Windows ME - Still Going
  • Error Message 06A8
  • How Many Records Can Q&A Handle?
  • Combining Fields
  • Lookup Table Extraction Glitch Remedy
  • Include Graphics in Your Output Without Formagic
  • Print FOUR Form Pages Per Sheet
  • Retrieving Records by Alpha Range

November 2000

  • Simplify Your Christmas Card and Other Mailings
  • Multi-Function Database Design
  • Printing Out Your Data, Part 2 - Mailmerge & Labels
  • Windows 2000 vs. Windows 98SE
  • Windows ME and Expanded Memory
  • Reset User Count on Netpacks
  • Q&A Win Word Processor Lockup
  • Q&A and Net-Satisfaxtion for NetWare
  • Cross-Record Comparisons & Dup-Snagging with DTFDATA
  • Preventing Database Corruption
  • Printing to Disk in Q&A Win
  • Backup Techniques
  • Use that Extra Hard Disk Space for More Backups

December 2000

  • Look Up Data in Text Files
  • Staying Out of Trouble with Macros
  • Printing Out Your Data, Part 3 - Using Print Specs
  • Retrieve Records by Date Range
  • Changing the Default Table View
  • Q&A Doesn't Always Add Correctly
  • New PC Blues (No Expanded Memory)
  • Can't Copy Programming Statements from Newsletter
  • Create Dynamic Record Navigation Menus

January 2001

  • A Variant of Q&A 5's Expand Field Bug
  • Create a Running Balance Report
  • Q&A and WinClip - Your Virtual Secretary
  • Keyboard Not Working Right
  • Q&A Video Crash
  • Network Database Share Mode
  • No More Table View
  • ALLOW, SUBST, DOS, and Windows Confusion
  • How to Mass Update Your Database
  • A Clipboard for Q&A 4.0
  • Create a Hanging Indent Report

February 2001

  • International Q&A User Conference
  • How Many Thousands?
  • Use TL Format Code for Email Addresses
  • Printing Extended ASCII Characters
  • Convert Money Values to Longhand Text
  • Using Q&A Databases on CDs
  • QA1.EXE vs. QA.COM
  • Q&A and Windows ME
  • Expanded Memory Going Extinct
  • HP DeskJet Printers and Q&A DOS
  • Date Programming Problems
  • How to Get Dynamic Picklists in Q&A 4.0
  • Get a Clean Export File Every Time
  • Have Q&A Press the Keys for You
  • Updated Q&A ZipCode Database Now Available

March 2001

  • Synchronizing Q&A Database Records
  • Q&A for Windows Now Running on Windows NT/2000
  • Q&A Backup Found to be Y2K+1 Compliant
  • Synchronizing Q&A 4.0 Database Records
  • Delete the Rightmost Characters
  • Crosstab Report Printing in the New Century
  • Number Sorting Problems
  • Q&A for DOS Screen Inexplicably Freezes
  • Divide Errors Revisited
  • Q&A DOS Causes Windows Printing Errors
  • Have Q&A Press the Keys for You - Part 2
  • Easier Macro Editing
  • Start Getting Ready for Sesame
  • Sesame Seeds - Field Types and Data Entry
  • Zero-Fill Leading Spaces in a Text Field
  • Creating Q&A Data Source Files for MS Word Documents

April 2001

  • Do the 'Double Lookup' with Drill-down Pick-lists
  • LaserJet Hangs, Won't Eject Last Page
  • Search Tricks, Quirks and Oddities
  • Can't Get Desired Date Format in Field
  • Print Specs Missing in Q&A Win
  • Windows Driver Causes Q&A DOS Print Errors
  • Lesspace Won't Run in Windows ME
  • Saved Reports Keep Getting Dumped
  • Synchronize Q&A Database Records - Part 2
  • Sesame Forms and Sub-Forms
  • Windows vs. DOS Interface for Q&Aers - Sesame

May 2001

  • Privatize Your Sensitive Reports
  • Good Intentions and Attention to Detail
  • Missing and Duplicate Records & Odd Search Behavior
  • Add a little Zip to Your Necromancing!
  • Fill Keyword Fields with Pick-lists
  • Printing Problems - Again
  • Q&A 5.0 Slow on New Machines
  • A No-Nonsense Approach to Validating Data
  • What Does Client-Server Mean?

June 2001

  • Hot-Link Transactions to a Customer Database
  • Default Retrieve and Sort Specs
  • Use Macros to Help You Program Your Databases
  • Retrieve Records from Next, Previous, Current Month
  • Unique Values when Importing Data
  • Transer Files Between Computers by Email
  • Page Defaults in Q&A Windows
  • Q&A and Bar Code Scanning
  • Creating Export Files On-the-Fly - Revisited

July 2001

  • Add a Pop-Up Callback Scheduler to Your Database
  • June 2001 Issue
  • Date Programming Tricks for Merge Documents
  • The Mechanics of Speedy Fields
  • @Macro Doesn't Work
  • Date Field Problems
  • Deleted Macros Resurfacing
  • Goto Commands in Mass Updates
  • On the Blink in Full-Screen Mode
  • Auto-Add XPostable new Records to a History Database
  • Temporarily Disable a Block of Code

August 2001

  • Oddball ASCII Export Options
  • Sesame Brings New Power to Retrieve and Restrict Specs
  • Can Q&A Get/Send Data through Serial Ports
  • Installing Q&A from Diskettes
  • Skipping Lines (or not) in Q&A Reports
  • Q&A DOS Documents to MS Word Format
  • Q&A and Windows O/S's Revisited
  • Q&A for DOS and Windows 2000 Copy/Paste
  • Seeing is Believing - Formview for Q&A for Windows
  • Searchable Pictures in Your Databases

September 2001

  • Everybody's Own Daily Follow-Up (To-Do) List
  • Date and Time in a Client/Server Environment
  • Speedy Fields Revisited
  • Windows 2000 Quirks
  • Creating a Formatted String Message
  • Fixing Bad List Values
  • Build Me a Time-Bomb, Please
  • Windows ME Blues
  • Use Macros to Help Program Your Database - Part 2
  • Retrieve Records by Parts of Complex Values

October 2001

  • Standardizing Free Text
  • Sesame - Macros/Scripts and Sesame
  • Print Mulitiple Report Copies
  • Tracking User Time
  • Preview to Screen
  • Will Q&A run in Windows XP
  • Setting Graphics Mode
  • Use Macros to Help Program Your Database - Part 3
  • Print Lengthy Report Headers and Footers
  • Switch from Q&A to Another Application - Easily
  • Why Batch Posting Might Not Work

November 2001

  • How to Avoid Common Programming Traps
  • Sesame ODBC and Export Options
  • Security for Reports
  • Windows 2000 & Q&A for DOS Printer Drivers
  • Unexplained Q&A Errors
  • All Caps, No Caps and Initial Caps

December 2001

  • A Deposit Report You Can Take to the Bank
  • Subscription Change
  • Preparing for Sesame - Optimising XLookup Programming
  • Duplicating Records and @Number
  • Nameless Faces (Invisible Fields)
  • Creating Reports from Multi-Line Databases
  • A Slick Image Viewer for Q&A Databases
  • Programming Mysteriously Not Working
  • Sesame Form and Subform Capabilities Compared to Q&A

January 2002

  • Q&A and Windows XP
  • Get a Formal Date from a Templated Date Field
  • Put Your Q&A Data on Your Web Site, Part 1
  • Maintaining Record Order
  • Special Lookup Table Programming
  • Only Half a Screen in Windows XP
  • @Shell Not Working in Windows XP
  • The Overlooked Q&A Security Option - Database Lock
  • Virus Protection a Must

February 2002

  • An Introduction to Table View
  • Send Email from Any Database Record
  • New PC's and Expanded Memory Revisited
  • Doing the Math
  • Q&A Window Sizing in 2000/XP
  • Print Q&A Win Forms Sans Field Labels
  • More on Windows XP Screen Problems
  • Q&A/Windows Not Running in Europe #1
  • Q&A/Windows Not Running in Europe #2
  • Q&A for Windows Field Spacing on Labels
  • Importing ASCII Files Into Q&A Databases
  • Put Your Q&A Data on Your Web Site, Part 2
  • New Table View Features in Sesame
  • Sesame Import from Relational Databases

March 2002

  • Instant Q&A Messaging Across Your Network
  • Using Printer Escape Codes
  • Records Printed to DISK Lose Alignment
  • Get Your Data in Good Shape for Sesame
  • Print One Page of a Multipage Record
  • Using a Mouse in Q&A DOS in Windows 2000/XP
  • Resetting the Record Number or @Number
  • Calculating Business Days vs. Calendar Days
  • When Autocalc Won't
  • Put Your Q&A Data on Your Web Site, Part 3
  • Sesame Terminology
  • New Field Formatting Options

April 2002

  • Create a Keyword Summary Report from Multiple Fields
  • @Shell and Multi-Function Batch Files
  • Introducing New Form Elements in Sesame
  • Offbeat Cure for a Sluggish Database
  • Q&A-Windows as a Q&A-DOS Companion
  • Q&A-Windows Database Keeps Growing
  • @Maximum and @Minimum Functions in Reports
  • Put Your Q&A Data on Your Web Site, Part 4

May 2002

  • Converting a Q&A Database to Sesame
  • Q&A Data on the Web
  • WinXP, Lesspace, and Screen Size
  • Programming Y/N Fields
  • Put Your Data on Your Web Site, Part 5
  • Insufficient Memory Messages
  • Q&A Sluggish in Windows XP
  • Percentage Tracking Report
  • Printing Problems Revisited
  • Windows 2000/XP Command Line Errors
  • Q&A Windows/DOS Faxing
  • Q&A for Windows 4.01 vs. 4.06 Incompatibilities
  • Quick Copy, Delete, or Move

June 2002

  • New Search Options in Sesame
  • Getting Data From Your Web Site into Q&A
  • Getting More from the @Number Function
  • Losing Q&A Settings
  • Encryption vs. Password Protection
  • Auto-Stamp a Record with the Highest Number
  • Checking for Duplicate Records Across Databases
  • Is Q&A 3.0 Still Out There?
  • Illegal Operation Revisited
  • Norton Antivirus Print Problem Remedy
  • See the New Sesame Slide Show

July 2002

  • Create a Handy Letters Database
  • Calculation Statement Order
  • Network Users Lost on New Computer
  • Q&A, Windows 2000/XP and Novell Networks
  • Q&A and Large Hard Drives Clarified (Again)
  • Printers, Windows, and Q&A
  • Some Handy New Sesame Features
  • Email Address Verification and Data Entry Validation
  • Optimize Your Q&A for DOS Screen Font in Win 2000/XP
  • Q&A Emailing and Faxing

August 2002

  • Get Extra Columns in Your Lookup Table
  • How to Retrieve Every Nth Record
  • A Simple Lookup Example
  • New Programming Features in Sesame
  • Memory Error When Printing Expanded Fields
  • Make Multiple Selections from Pop-Up Lists
  • System Error in Q&A 3.0
  • Q&A for Windows - Adding New Fields/Forms
  • A Convenient Utility - BAT2EXEC
  • Easier-to-Manage Pick-Lists
  • A Few Sesame Programming Tricks with Variables and Loops
  • Same Printer in Windows and Q&A?
  • Duplicate Records a Misnomer

September 2002

  • Build an Automatic Report Printer
  • How Batch Posting Can Trash Databases
  • Programming Calculations Still Don't Work
  • Reports Can Use Info from Other Databases
  • Not Enough Disk Space to Backup File
  • Problems Sharing a Database Opened on Server
  • It's About Time
  • How to Underline Blank Report Fields
  • More on Novell; Windows XP/2000 and Q&A
  • Q&A Time-Savers

October 2002

  • New Utility Pack Modernizes Q&A 5.0
  • Think International
  • Create a Quick Callback Count Calculator
  • Damaged Q&A Write Documents DOS/Windows
  • Q&A Write and Large Documents (DOS)
  • @Number in Network Configurations
  • Incorrect Margins in Reports
  • Conditionally Highlighting Fields
  • Q&A for DOS and USB Printers
  • Missing Expanded Memory
  • Moving Data from Field to Field
  • Q&A for DOS to Q&A for Windows

November 2002

  • Storing Contact Notes Internally and Externally
  • Treatment for Date Fields that Sometimes Aren't
  • Obscure Yet Vital Programming Switches
  • When to Run Q&A in Monochrome
  • Q&A Stuck in Monochrome
  • Time Calculations
  • Removing Dupes Plus (Gulp!) Originals
  • Network Access
  • Small Screen in Windows XP
  • Network Performance
  • Installing Q&A for DOS in Windows 2000
  • Derived Money Values in Merge Programs
  • A Few Spare Fields Can Come in Handy
  • @Color Crashes Q&A or Changes Design
  • Network Busy / Disk Drive Door Open

December 2002

  • Building in a Macro Check Point
  • Multi-Column Report
  • Sesame's Tabbed Forms
  • Lantica Pop-Up Calendar Minimizes Q&A
  • Mouse Not Working in Windows 2000/XP
  • Expanded Memory on New Computers
  • Windows 2000 or XP? What's Best for Q&A?
  • When a Simple Mass Update Can Save the Day
  • Emailing Reports
  • Checking for Related Records
  • Q&A for DOS Imports Junk into Records
  • Q&A Can't Find Records after Upgrade

January 2003

  • Exporting to Fixed Length ASCII
  • Save Your Mass Update Specs
  • Handy Money-to-Text Conversion
  • Migrating Data to a Redesigned Database
  • File in Use by Network ID Not Set
  • Q&A Keeps Losing XP Connection
  • Repairing an 06 Error
  • We're Upgrading Everything
  • Capture Port for Network Printing in XP
  • Got USB?
  • Using Escape Codes to Control Printer
  • Converting Write Docs to Word
  • Spurious 'Missing Column' Error Messages in Reports

February 2003

  • Sesame Form Designer - Working with Fields
  • Painless, Brainless, One-Click Backups
  • Lost Print Enhancements in Q&A 5.0
  • Turning Numbers into Dates
  • Running Q&A 5.0 Without Speedfix Patch - Symptoms
  • Retrieving Records with @Insert
  • Recommend a PC for Q&A 5.0?
  • Using Q&A Over a WAN
  • But Nothing Was Changed!
  • Printing 'Everything' Darker
  • Sesame Beta Program Ramps Up

March 2003

  • My (New) Life With XP
  • Q&A Win Doesn’t Like Some Printers
  • Barcode Scanning in Q&A
  • Using Sesame Tutorial - Part 1
  • Tracking Report Printing Dates
  • Starting MS Word from Q&A 5.0
  • Archiving Database Records
  • Recommending Computers
  • Disappearing Records
  • To Partition or Lesspace

April 2003

  • Importing Huge ASCII Data Files
  • Special Announcement - Sesame Beta Broadly Released
  • Snag/Flag Gaps & Dups in Databases with Strict Numbering Sequences
  • Read-Only Records - Only For Some
  • Expanding Fields in Reports
  • Preliminary Note for Novell Users
  • Numbering Report Lines
  • Q&A Win and Large Hard Drives
  • Programming in Sesame

May 2003

  • Sesame, Memory and Speed
  • A Database Q&A Can’t Open Might be Okay After All
  • More on Q&A, XP and Novell
  • Q&A Suddenly Slows Way Down
  • Budget PC’s Lack Expanded Memory
  • Programmable Report Headers
  • Sort Report by One of a Group of Fields
  • Xtab, Columnar, Totals-Only Report
  • Freeform Reports in Q&A for DOS
  • One-Click, Two-Minute Total Backup
  • New Sesame Beta Just Released

June 2003

  • Keeping a Status Field Up-To-Date
  • Letters —ROBOCOPY vs. XXCOPY
  • Power and Simplicity - A Sample Sesame Application
  • Needs a Tickler File
  • Remote Control and Win 2000/XP
  • Conditionals in Macros
  • Q&A Basic Requirements
  • Entries Disappear Too Fast
  • My Favorite Windows Utilities

July 2003

  • Send Email from Your Database
  • Added When You Should have Retrieved?
  • Temp Files and Free Space
  • Losing Original Label Definitions
  • Graduating from Labels to Envelopes
  • Copy Labels to Another Computer
  • Q&A On a 2000 Server
  • Calculate Daily Differences in a Report
  • Wrap Information in Report Columns
  • Write Documents Too Large to Open
  • Protect Documents from Changes
  • Instant Email from Q&A
  • Mail (and Email) Merging in Sesame

August 2003

  • Retrieve Programming
  • Sesame Release Date Announced
  • Using Sesame Tutorials Part 2 - Design an Application
  • Problems with New HP Laser Printer
  • Q&A Win Won’t Print DOS Reports
  • Needs Gosub in Mass Update
  • Q&A Won't Accept Default Paths
  • Locked Out of Database in DOS
  • Which Server's Best
  • Make a Database Generation One
  • What Sesame Will & Won't Translate

September 2003

  • Easy Merge Letters with Sesame
  • Sesame Report Writer Brief
  • XP Not Intializing Network
  • Field Names in Programming
  • Disk Drive Door Open Error - Again
  • Interacting with MS Office
  • XP Server Limits Users
  • Images in Q&A and Sesame
  • Finely Adjust Layout Elements on Sesame Forms
  • Date Comparisons in Programmed Retrieves

October 2003

  • Networking Printers for Q&A
  • Translating Q&A Databases in Sesame
  • Incompatible Database?
  • Running Multiple Copies of Q&A
  • Q&A, pcAnywhere, and XP
  • Q&A-to-Sesame Translation Questions
  • Sluggish XLookups
  • Graphic Images in Q&A Docs
  • Running Q&A Over WIFI Network
  • Finding Unwanted Records

November 2003

  • Sesame Seeds - Merge Print Database Records On-the-Fly
  • Farewell Editorial
  • Using Q&A Data In Other Programs
  • Reports From Multiple Databases
  • Is Lesspace Working?
  • Q&A Slow Over Network
  • Sesame Seeds - User-Defined Functions
  • Using Dual Monitors
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