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It's indeed an eye opener as to what can be done with Sesame. Thank you very much for taking time to show me the possibilities. All that can be done in Q&A, one can accomplish that in Sesame using programming codes. I only hope to learn them fast and use them. Compared to codes, keys recording macro is little archaic, inefficient and error-prone. Well, I have spent 14 years with Q&A to get where I am with my system. I hope to get a lot further with Sesame in considerable less time.
  Bharat Naik, MD
Director - Bronzeville Medical Center

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Sesame Database Manager is compatible with Symantec Q&A. Q & A users will find that Sesame uses many of the same keystrokes, the same search syntax, and almost the same programming syntax as used in a Q&A database. Sesame can also translate Q&A databases. Find out more.

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Sesame Database Manager
Fast, Functional, and User-Friendly database software!
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Sesame is a powerful, flexible and network-savvy database manager designed to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of uses and users.

Whether you're a small business do-it-yourselfer, a corporate administrator, the head of an organization, a professional application developer, or the person whose job is to keep track of stuff, Sesame has the features you need to easily, rapidly create database applications and present your information.

Will Sesame work on my computer?
Sesame runs on Windows (2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10) and Linux.
If you are considering a different operating system, Sesame is perfect for you. It runs almost identically on any supported OS. Both the Windows and Linux versions are supplied with the standard Sesame package, so you don't have to choose before ordering.

How much does it cost?
There are several editions of Sesame available starting with our free Personal version.

Can I try it before ordering?
The Personal version of Sesame is free to download in our store.

Could I make a database with Sesame?
You don't need to be a programmer or consultant to use Sesame. Sesame's simple, yet powerful, tools make it easy for anyone to make a database. Plus, our first-class manuals, complete with tutorials, will walk you through your first database, step-by-step. You can be up and running with your own database in a matter of minutes.
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Can more than one person use a Sesame database at the same time?
Absolutely! Sesame is truly client-server (meaning it knows how to share databases) and setting it up is really easy.
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What if I need help?
If you need help getting started (or getting finished) there are plenty of options. Fee-based Sesame Technical Support is available online, by email or by telephone. There is a Support Forum where you can post questions and get answers. In addition, there are online resources (such as our Knowledge Base), a consultants listing, and FAQ, and more.

Can I use my Q&A databases?
Sesame has an excellent Q&A database translator, and the documentation includes a step-by-step Q&A Translation Guide. In addition, once you make the switch, you will find that Sesame uses the same Retrieve (search) language as Q&A. You can also use most of the same programming language (plus more!). Sesame even uses many of the same keystrokes as Q&A: F10 to Save, F7 to Search, F3 to Delete, etc.

Sesame Database Manager rated 4.5 stars from the CNET editorial staff
Sesame Database Manager received a 4.5 star rating from the CNET editors at!
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  Learn more about Sesame Database Manager
I also, would like to compliment the Lantica team on their responsiveness and dedication. Where else can you get such quick help for a software product -- from the people who wrote it -- on Saturday and Sunday, no less. What other product is so willing to implement a new feature sometimes within days of a request?
  Carl Underwood
- New England Antenna Service