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Thanks to all you folks who worked on this. A year ago I was ready to give up on Q&A. Then I found your website which led to Sesame's. Good job!
  Alan Pease
President - The Country Bed Shop

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Sesame Database Manager is compatible with Symantec Q&A. Q & A users will find that Sesame uses many of the same keystrokes, the same search syntax, and almost the same programming syntax as used in a Q&A database. Sesame can also translate Q&A databases. Find out more.

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Contact Information
Lantica Software, LLC
PO Box 27
Penn's Park, PA 18940
Phone: (800) 410-6315
Attn: William Halpern - CEO

Philadelphia, PA - March 01, 2003 - Lantica Software, LLC Issues Initial Beta Release of Sesame.

Responding to the market absence of a database management product truly designed for the SOHO user, Lantica Software has released the initial beta version of their database management product, code named Sesame. While every product on the market claims that programming skills are not necessary to create and use a database, Sesame backs that claim with a powerful, intuitive interface designed from the ground up around the small business user.

"I'm delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response we've received from both the alpha test group and the initial beta test group. Everyone seems to be really having fun building and testing databases!" said Erika Yoxall, the Sesame Development Team Leader.

While Sesame is geared towards the end user, it still includes plenty of features for those who need to build applications for their employees, internal departments or clients. Bobbi Baker, a database professional who is a member of the early beta test group exclaims, "Sure stability, speed, etc. are the most important features of a database. BUT when I take my laptop to meet with a potential client for the first time they want something to look at, both as an example of the software and my work. This is guaranteed to make a terrific first impression!"

Lantica Software was initially formed to find a path to the future for the users of Symantec Q&A, a DOS/Windows 3.1 database product famous for its ease-of-use, longevity and user loyalty. With its ability to translate Q&A databases, Sesame succeeds in providing that path, as well as providing a powerful business tool for any user who wants to organize their information, without becoming consultant-bound. According to Bob Scott, a Q&A power user, "Sesame is packed with amazing features and is surprisingly easy to use. The Lantica team has created an incredible product that is more than I could have ever asked for or dreamed of."

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  Learn more about Sesame Database Manager
Sbasic is really simple. It grows on you and before you know it, It is as easy to use as Q&As logic was but it is a billion times more powerful.
  Robert Scott